Dear Bertha Sieber

Dear Bertha Sieber,

Firstly, let me say you have superb taste. You were way before your time when it comes to design and decor. You may have been the queen of rustic chic and that makes you my hero!

 However, in addition to being on the leading edge of style, I imagine you were also a sensible girl. 

In your long trek {from I imagine somewhere in Eastern Europe} to Philadelphia, Amerika, your trunk was probably packed full of necessities- parchment and quills, books, a comfortable pair of walking shoes, your nicest gown {in the even you meet any handsome strangers in your journey}, and who knows what else!

 I imagine you boarding some great ship {thankfully not the Titanic} and sailing across the Atlantic and then boarding a train in New York, luggage in tow, to travel down to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, to your new home, which I'm sure was also the perfect mix of form and function.

 Bertha Sieber, you were my kind of girl! Your trunk proves that!
Instead of rushing out to your local Pottery Barn to buy the Conway Trunk (for a bargain $899-yikes!},


You probably went right down to you local market and picked out this beautiful piece of original, handmade craftsmanship complete with personalization.

 The hand-painted lettering, the galvanized metal trim, the rustic wood grain....

Now Bertha, who knows how your trunk came to arrive at the Lucketts Spring Market all these years later, just waiting for the right person to take it home? But thank-you! It is perfect.

Thanks for stopping by!

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