A long time coming.

I have to confess that I painted our foyer months and MONTHS ago. 
I was really excited about the project {so excited that I never took a before picture}. I painted our little entryway and I love it but then I lost steam. I never got around to organizing the closet. I left a piece of fabric draped over a curtain rod for ages before I finally sat down for 20 min to make it an actual valance. And I still haven't found baskets I like for the shelf.

But I can't wait any longer! Come on in!

I took the broken door off the closet shortly after we moved in. 
It really makes the tiny space look bigger and I forces us to keep it tidy. 

 I love thick neutral stripes. It gives the space a bit of a clean nautical feel and I think the stripes are a good fit for such a small space.

 We added lots of hooks and baskets to maximize the storage. Our house definitely has a lack of closet space and this is a hard working area. Its our drop zone for shoes, coats, bags and odds and 

 I bought these crates from this little salvage shop on the side of the road for only $5 each!
I bought four but they are too tall for the first shelf so I'm still trying to find baskets for that shelf.

Did I mention I'm obsessed with the stripes?
Brew took a little longer to warm up to them....

There are great stripe tutorials all over pinterest and I didn't do a great job of taking pictures when I did ours. But its pretty simple. I just used painters tape and a measuring tape {and a lot of patience!}.

Does anyone have any big Memorial Weekend plans?
We have some yard work calling our name!

Thanks for stopping by!

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