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Hello everybody!

I wanted to pop in and share a furniture makeover tonight. I feel like I haven't done a furniture post in ages! And this poor desk has been waiting in our garage all winter. {And somehow I still didn't mange to take a before picture...} This is a hardworking piece of furniture. It spent many years with a professor and it had some battle wounds to show for it. Missing hardware, wobbly leg, carvings along the edge, writing on the drawers and chipping, peeling veneer! {my favorite... NOT!} How do I keep getting into these veneer situations? Well this veneer was pretty easy to remove and the wood underneath was in good condition.

The body is painted with a 75/25 mix of MMSMP Typewriter and Grainsack. 
Its a nice deep slate color.
{Although it looks like Artissimo in these pictures. Must be the lighting.}
 The top is stained with Minwax Weathered Gray and Special Walnut and then sealed with hemp oil.

 I added in a squirt of bonding agent so it just had a little chipping on the edges. I thought it fit well with the pock-marked distressed top.

And I saved the best picture for last:
There is my partner in crime. Gotta love a little comic relief. 

This beauty sadly will not fit in our home so it is looking for a new home. 
I'm gonna miss this one but maybe a friend or family member can take him in so I can come visit...
{Hint hint..}
Message me if interested!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Found your blog through your Craigslist posting for this desk. Beautiful refinishing job! Love the hardware and the legs. :)