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Hello everybody!

I wanted to pop in and share a furniture makeover tonight. I feel like I haven't done a furniture post in ages! And this poor desk has been waiting in our garage all winter. {And somehow I still didn't mange to take a before picture...} This is a hardworking piece of furniture. It spent many years with a professor and it had some battle wounds to show for it. Missing hardware, wobbly leg, carvings along the edge, writing on the drawers and chipping, peeling veneer! {my favorite... NOT!} How do I keep getting into these veneer situations? Well this veneer was pretty easy to remove and the wood underneath was in good condition.

The body is painted with a 75/25 mix of MMSMP Typewriter and Grainsack. 
Its a nice deep slate color.
{Although it looks like Artissimo in these pictures. Must be the lighting.}
 The top is stained with Minwax Weathered Gray and Special Walnut and then sealed with hemp oil.

 I added in a squirt of bonding agent so it just had a little chipping on the edges. I thought it fit well with the pock-marked distressed top.

And I saved the best picture for last:
There is my partner in crime. Gotta love a little comic relief. 

This beauty sadly will not fit in our home so it is looking for a new home. 
I'm gonna miss this one but maybe a friend or family member can take him in so I can come visit...
{Hint hint..}
Message me if interested!

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Happy Earth Day!

Hello readers & Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate the arrival of spring and Earth Day, we have been doing some work out in the yard.

Here's what our yard looked like last fall after we took out some of the overgrown bushes. 

 And here's how it looks now!

 We added in some blue and white hydrangeas and some more hostas.
{Thanks Momma for the free hostas!}

We also put in the stone border and put down some mulch.

 We might put in some annuals for some extra color in a few weeks 
when the weather is a little more consistent.
 And here's a recap of the changes since we moved in last year!
I cant wait to see how the new plants fill in over the next few weeks. 

How about you guys? Anyone do any fun Earth Day projects?

And I have to share one more quick project we completed this week:
How's that for a spring makeover? Layla loves her haircut!
{Well maybe not the process, but she loves not having shorter hair and we love not having to pick leaves out of her hair everyday!}

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Spring has sprung!

Hello visitors!

I think spring may finally be here! We did have a few snow flurries Tuesday night but our forsythia are blooming and the birds have been chirping outside our window every morning. We don't really decorate for Easter but I did put out a few spring touches around our home.

 I found this ironstone dish at Goodwill! 
In the words of my mother-"That's my favorite store!"

 I love this wreath! I picked it up at Target a few weeks ago. I was going to make an egg wreath but when I saw this one it was just what I had in mind.

 My sweet MIL lent me this dough bowl and the painted wooden eggs.
I have a thing for wooden dough bowls {and moss}.

On a different note, Monday was our two year anniversary!
{Where have the last two years gone?}

Of course our anniversary wouldn't be complete without champagne and Smith Island cake!

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Our Sideways Kitchen Makeover

 Hello readers!

We have been super-busy and productive around our little Sideways House this last week.
{So busy in fact that we haven't blogged in the last week...}

We have been doing some updates to our tiny cozy kitchen. We painted the kitchen last spring, added the chalkboard wall and bought a new dishwasher. It definitely made the kitchen feel fresher and brighter. {The kitchen was the same dark mushroom brown as the den when we first moved in.} But the original cabinets from the 1940s felt tired and worn out and the floor was grungy and don't even get me started on the boob flushmount light fixture. Here's a little reminder of what the kitchen looked like last Monday.

And here is our kitchen now!
 We painted the cabinets with Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint. The uppers are Shutter Gray and the lowers are Typewriter {which might be my current fave!}. I added bonding agent to the paint after mixing and sealed the paint with two coats of hemp oil. I used a foam roller to get an even coat and minimal brush strokes.

 I made the valance out of grain sack fabric from Decor Steals. I wanted a rustic look so I left the edges un-hemmed.

 The knobs and pulls are from Hobby Lobby. 
I spray painted the original hinges with antique brass to match.

 The light fixture is from Home Depot. It was the quickest and easiest part of the project and made such a big difference. I love how it matches the hardware.

 The floor was probably the hardest part. Brew came home from work to me sitting in the middle of the floor about to have an adult temper tantrum with a pile of incorrectly cut tiles next to me. Peel and stick tiles are easy in theory. However, crooked 1940s walls and an uneven sub-floor complicated the project a bit. I was going to do a tutorial on the floor installation but lets just say that didn't happen...

 We installed the shelf above the cabinets for some extra space to display my treasures.

 That is Brew's actual grocery list. Check out that neat handwriting...
Forget the staging! This is real life!

We were on a strict budget for our kitchen makeover. We are thinking we will do a major kitchen renovation in a few years but we wanted to be able to enjoy the space {and not cringe every time we walked in the room}. Our kitchen makeover came in at about $200! {Cha-ching!}

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