Take me out to the ballgame!

 Hello baseball fans {and crafty DIY fans!}

Today is opening day for the Orioles! {who took down the Red Sox 2-1! Yay!}
So while I was watching the game this afternoon, I made this wreath!

 This is the first wreath I have ever made using power tools!
{I tried to just hot glue the baseballs to a wire wreath form but the glue wouldn't adhere to the leather.} So on to my next idea...
 I drilled through the balls. I choose a drill bit that was long enough to go threw the ball but thin enough that the wire didn't have too much room to wiggle around.
 I untwisted a hanger and threaded the baseballs on one at a time. 
I used twelve baseballs total, but you could use more or less to make a bigger or smaller wreath.
 Then I twisted the wire closed.
 And attached a simple bow I made out of red-striped webbing.
 I love how the red stitching on the ball and the red stripes on the bow go with our red front door.

I love baseball season!
{Go Os!}

Thanks for stopping by!

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