Steamer Trunk Rehab

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I love rustic decor. Especially rusty, tarnished, authentically-aged pieces full of patina, and history and stories. I have been trying to find pieces that bring this feeling into our rooms and home. For a while I was lusting after factory cart coffee table. But they are so last year! {Unless you have one, then I am jealous. Especially if it actually transported crates in a factory at some point!}  But I have recently returned to my love of steamer trunks. My mom used one as a coffee table when I was little and she still has it in their guest room. I have been scouring Craigslist for a trunk {that didn't break the bank} and I found this treasure while we were on vacation last week. I couldn't email fast enough. It at least gave me something to look forward to during our 11-hour drive home. Last Saturday, we picked it up five minutes from our house and I could hardly wait to get working on it!

It was in rough shape, to say the least. It was covered in decaying flaking paper. I thought about trying to seal the paper to keep the remaining paper intact but it was way beyond saving.
So I scraped and sanded {for several hours} while being very careful not to damage to extremely dry wood. It definitely needed some love! {And a good coat of hemp oil!}
The wood absorbed the first coat of oil almost immediately. The oil deepened the tone and highlighted the patina of the old trunk. Look at the color difference above! No stain at all. Just good ole, all-natural, heavenly-smelling hemp oil! I even oiled the hardware to add a subtle sheen and richness to the old metal latches and trim.

I left the interior intact. Just a quick cleaning and it was in pretty good shape {considering it is probably over a century old!}. I love the old paper and the vintage picture on the lid.


Check back tomorrow to see how I solved the camel back problem to make this trunk work as a functional coffee table!

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