Four Easy Steps to Perfectly Styled Shelves

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We've been doing some early spring cleaning and reorganizing around here. 
I've been wanting to restyle our built-ins in our den for a while. It's a quick and easy update using things we already had around the house and it can really change the look and feel of a room.

1. Start Fresh
This is the spring cleaning part of this project! {Yay...} 
Remove everything from the shelves. Vacuum and dust the one-inch layer of dust. 
So fresh and so clean!
Then I organized {and dusted} the everything I was planning on using on the shelves.
I separated the items by books, larger items, and smaller filler items.

Check out this super-flattering, magazine-worthy decor picture! This is real-life people!
Make sure to take pictures so you husband can call you a hoarder...
{At least I'm an organized hoarder!}

2. Stack Books

I like to start the shelves off with books. They are a neutral foundation to start the styling off.
I stagger how the books are stacked and lined up.
 Some groupings are done by theme {we are both big Harry Potter nerds}
and some groupings are by size or color.

I removed the book jackets on most of the hard covers. I just think it looks nicer without the shiny {and sometimes tattered} covers.

3. Layer larger decor.
After the books, I like to layer in larger pieces such as crates, larger pictures and a few of Brew's prized Indian crafts.

 These items help to balance out the books and fill in empty space.

4. Fill in with small pieces.
Lastly, I like to go back and add in smaller objects.
 I try to group together objects with a common theme. 
For example, the top shelf above are mostly green and cream colored items.
The middle shelf is made up of camp/Indian objects.
 I didn't use everything that I originally had set out above.
I filled where I could without overcrowding the shelves. I made sure to find a place for items that are especially meaningful, like our framed wedding invitation and Brew's beaded moccasins. It is important that items go together and look nice but it is equally important that they are items you love. We spend most of our time in this room so we wanted these shelves to really reflect us!

 A quick story-When we moved in together and started unpacking and combining all of out possessions, we realized how much we had in common {and how different we really are!}. Between the two of us, we have almost two complete sets of Harry Potter.{although oddly enough, neither of us has a hardback copy of the third book.} We also both had books about Cal Ripkin and more Sci-fi than either of us care to admit. Brew also has an extensive collection of Greek literature and now I have a growing collection of design books. So we had plenty of books to fill our shelves {we still have several boxes in the basement}. However, if you are short on books, you could use pictures, crates, photo albums, or even nicer box sets of CDs or DVDs.

 This is a great way to re-purpose items from around the house. It just like recycling! I used the star lantern, mercury glass bulb, and the wooden shoe on our Christmas mantle but on our newly styled bookcases that have a different feel.  

This was such a quick and easy project. The longest part was probably blogging about it.{not that it has taken me two weeks or something...}

 So there you have it! Perfectly styled shelves!
Does anyone have any early spring cleaning/organizing projects planned?
Hopefully this has helped to inspire you!

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