Easy Mantle Shelf Installation

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We wanted to pop in and share a quick project we recently did in our den. We have been wanting to hang a mantle shelf in this room to highlight the brick wall.  We were planning on using the antique mantle I found back in the fall but it was too big for the space so it found a new home via Craigs List.

Here is a before of the space with our cork wreath hanging on the brick wall.
We bought a set of masonry drill bits. Trust us it is worth the investment. 
{We had to replace a few bits after drilling into the mortar in the man cave to hang pictures.}
Always drill into the mortar versus the brick. The mortar is easier to patch if you change you mind down the road.
Brew started with the smallest bit and worked his way up to the size needed for the anchors.

Hammer the anchors into the pre-drilled holes.
Then insert the screws.

This shelf came in a kit from Home Depot and came with anchors, screws 
and the bracket to attach to the wall.

And it had an attached level!
 With was extra handy since out mortar line wasn't completely straight.

After attaching the bracket the shelf slide right onto the bracket.

So simple!

Stop in tomorrow to see a how we decorated the shelf with some easy DIY art!

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