Snow Day{s} 2014!

 Hello Visitors!

We've had a bit of snow around here this past week.
{About 16 inches if we want to get specific...}

 Honestly, I enjoyed this recent snow storm. I was off work and enjoyed being snowed in with my little family! {Sorry not sorry! I love a good snow storm when  I don't have to worry about going to work!}
 We all went out for a walk on Friday.
{since we couldn't get off our street any other way!}
 Layla loves the snow!


 Check out our nicely plowed road!

 Brew did all the shoveling! I am a lucky wife!

And I rewarded him with homemade hot chocolate!

It was a nice long weekend together hunkered down at home!
{But now I am so ready for some spring weather.}

Now I need to get back to my projects!

Thanks for stopping by!

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