A Friendly Craft Swap!

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So a few weeks ago I was talking crafts with a coworker 
{She's a crochet-er! That a skill I never learned!}
and we came up with the {genius} idea of doing a craft swap.
We would each make something for each other and exchange!

So I came up with this simple and adorable craft:

 I found several silver platters at a thrift store. I cleaned and lightly polished them. {I wanted them to still look a little tarnished.}Then I applied two coats of chalkboard paint, and lightly sanded between layers.

After letting the paint cure for several days, I primed it by rubbing a sideways piece of chalk over the whole area and then erasing with a dry rag. {This prevents the first thing you draw on the chalkboard from being burned into the chalkboard.}
 Then I got out my trusty hot glue gun, and attached a strap to hang it with and a few paper flowers.
I wanted to make them into magnets but who knew the platters weren't magnetic?
 Then I wrote this saying on the chalkboard.
It seemed perfect for my crafty coworker!

 I liked it so much that I also made one for my {favorite} aunt!

 I used a chalkboard pen for this one. It is easier to write with and looks neater and crisper, but it is difficult to erase.

I am so pleased with how they turned out! I am already planning my next chalkboard/chalk quote craft. I may be making one for myself! I can never have enough chalkboards! And I may have to find some more craft sway buddies too! Such a fun idea!

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Rustic Red Dry Sink

 Hello Visitors!

I have to be honest about something.
I have had this dry sink in the garage since October. 
There! I said it! Its orange stain, thick, glossy varnish and wooden pulls {I had already taken them off before this picture. Just imagine wooden ping pong ball attached to the drawer and doors.} had me less than inspired. And I wasn't the only one. Brew didn't even want to load this piece up and bring it home. {It was part of the same load of furniture as the barn chair, larkin desk, yellow wardrobe, and chippy side table.} But I knew it had potential somewhere in there and the lady I bought it from said it was handmade by her father. Seriously sturdy and heavy solid!
 Stripping down the top was grueling. Think citristrip, mineral spirits, sand, repeat x 3. 
That varnish did not want to quit!

 But two coats of Minwax Special Walnut later, I was seeing some progress.
 I gave the body a quick sanding.
 Then I painted the body in Miss Mustard Seed Curio {with bonding agent to help it stick}. When the rich brown color was first introduced, I wasn't so sure about using brown paint. And I still don't think I would use the color by itself, but it is perfect for layering under another color and then distressing to show through. I applied some hemp oil as a resist to help the paint chip a little.
 Then I applied two coats of MMS Tricycle.
 And I broke out my hardware stash. 
{See the wooden ping pong balls in the second row all the way to the right?}
 A coat of Annie Sloan wax mixed with a little MMS Antiquing Wax  and some shiny new knobs later...

 I didn't get a whole lot of chipping from the hemp oil. I think it soaks in pretty quick.
But I sanded to distress it a little more.

 It feels like an old weathered barn. The dark wax really added some depth to the tricycle paint.

 I love these knobs! I think they are a perfect fit.
 I know its a dry sink, but I think it would make a great potting bench or even a sideboard.

 I had hoped to photograph this piece outside but the 16 inches of snow foiled my plans.
So I hauled it out the garage and had to make due.

 {You know I can't resist some dark wood grain.}
 And a quick look back:

This piece is looking for a good home. Message me if you are interested!

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