The Worst Project Ever: Part Two

Welcome Back!

Thanks for coming back to check in on how our wallpaper stripping adventure turned out!
{If you didn't read part one of our adventure, check it out here.}
 After about twenty hours of steaming, scraping and stripping, 
came about 4 hours of sanding, and lastly about eight hours of painting.
{With some sanding between layers of paint. We had some tough adhesive under that wallpaper}

 In case you need a reminder of the horror....

So without further adieu!
{Drum roll please!!}

 We chose Sterling by Behr in the Paint and Primer-in-One.
It's the same color as our living room so the color would extend up the stairs
and make the space seem bigger and more open.

 We are definitely going to add a runner to the stairs.
We are debating a few styles/options.
 And we will probably be adding another gallery wall on the stairs. 
Probably something more streamline than our living room gallery wall.
But right now we are enjoying the look of a blank slate after all that work.
 We also installed new blinds and hung a curtain we already had.
{Didn't want to be the talk of the neighborhood give anyone a free show..}

And one more before and after!
I love how bright and airy the space looks now {even for a tiny hallway}.
It was definitely worth the blood, sweat and tears hard work.

Thanks for stopping by!

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