How to cook the perfect lobster tail!

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So, you already have our recipe for the perfect steak {How to cook the perfect steak!}
Now it's time to up the ante - Time for surf and turf!
And it's so easy.

Start by butterflying the lobster tail using kitchen shears.
Cut down the center to the base of the tail. {Just be careful not to cut all the way through}
Then, carefully remove the meat without detaching it from the base of the tail.
The meat should sit nicely on top of the shell for that restaurant look.
Season lightly with salt & pepper and seafood seasoning. {Or to taste}

Meanwhile, bring water to boil. This is so easy using a rice steamer with a basket.
If you don't have this kitchen gadget, you can use a normal pot and a colander as substitute.
Once the water reaches its boiling point, start cooking some lobster.
Cook 8 minutes. No more - no less. {Unless you are cooking without a lid, which may take slightly longer}

Then perfecto!

Serve with your perfect steak and a salad.
And maybe some drawn butter...


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