Hello 2014!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We spent yesterday recovering {AKA napping on the couch and watching LOTR marathon}
from maybe a little too much New Years Eve celebrating...

So today I wanted to spend some time reflecting on the last year.
So much has happened in the last 12 months.

In March, we settled {finally} settled on our home and
moved into Our Sideways House!

In April, we celebrated our first anniversary.

In June, we took a family vacation to Disney World!

And we had our marriage convalidated at the Catholic church I grew up in in Pennsylvania. 

We had a busy summer volunteering at Camp Puh'tok {where we met many summers ago}

And then we took a second vacation to the Outer Banks in NC. 

In September, we started this little adventure in our own little corner of the Blog World.

Check out our first post as The Sideways House!

Since starting this blog, we have documented projects, recipes and our lives together.
Blogging together has taught us so much about home ownership and each other.
Please check out the recipe tab for some of the delish recipes Brew has concocted!
And go to the Project Gallery tab to see some of the projects we have been working on.

So what's next for the Sideways House in 2014?

We have a few projects in mind already.
{Ahem stripping wallpaper, Brew!}

Lots of new recipes to try!
{We may already have a few waiting to make an appearance here..}

We are working towards adopting a healthier lifestyle.
{I know it's such a cliche resolution. I almost feel bad putting it here. But I heard telling other people your resolutions makes you more accountable and leads to more successful goals! So there it is!}

And of course we want to blog more!
{I would love to say I'm going to blog X amount of times a week, but some weeks are busier than others so I'm just going to leave it at blogging "more"}

So again, Happy New Year Blog Visitors!
We look forward to sharing this new year with you all!

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Thanks for stopping by!


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