A long time coming.

I have to confess that I painted our foyer months and MONTHS ago. 
I was really excited about the project {so excited that I never took a before picture}. I painted our little entryway and I love it but then I lost steam. I never got around to organizing the closet. I left a piece of fabric draped over a curtain rod for ages before I finally sat down for 20 min to make it an actual valance. And I still haven't found baskets I like for the shelf.

But I can't wait any longer! Come on in!

I took the broken door off the closet shortly after we moved in. 
It really makes the tiny space look bigger and I forces us to keep it tidy. 

 I love thick neutral stripes. It gives the space a bit of a clean nautical feel and I think the stripes are a good fit for such a small space.

 We added lots of hooks and baskets to maximize the storage. Our house definitely has a lack of closet space and this is a hard working area. Its our drop zone for shoes, coats, bags and odds and 

 I bought these crates from this little salvage shop on the side of the road for only $5 each!
I bought four but they are too tall for the first shelf so I'm still trying to find baskets for that shelf.

Did I mention I'm obsessed with the stripes?
Brew took a little longer to warm up to them....

There are great stripe tutorials all over pinterest and I didn't do a great job of taking pictures when I did ours. But its pretty simple. I just used painters tape and a measuring tape {and a lot of patience!}.

Does anyone have any big Memorial Weekend plans?
We have some yard work calling our name!

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Dear Bertha Sieber

Dear Bertha Sieber,

Firstly, let me say you have superb taste. You were way before your time when it comes to design and decor. You may have been the queen of rustic chic and that makes you my hero!

 However, in addition to being on the leading edge of style, I imagine you were also a sensible girl. 

In your long trek {from I imagine somewhere in Eastern Europe} to Philadelphia, Amerika, your trunk was probably packed full of necessities- parchment and quills, books, a comfortable pair of walking shoes, your nicest gown {in the even you meet any handsome strangers in your journey}, and who knows what else!

 I imagine you boarding some great ship {thankfully not the Titanic} and sailing across the Atlantic and then boarding a train in New York, luggage in tow, to travel down to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, to your new home, which I'm sure was also the perfect mix of form and function.

 Bertha Sieber, you were my kind of girl! Your trunk proves that!
Instead of rushing out to your local Pottery Barn to buy the Conway Trunk (for a bargain $899-yikes!},


You probably went right down to you local market and picked out this beautiful piece of original, handmade craftsmanship complete with personalization.

 The hand-painted lettering, the galvanized metal trim, the rustic wood grain....

Now Bertha, who knows how your trunk came to arrive at the Lucketts Spring Market all these years later, just waiting for the right person to take it home? But thank-you! It is perfect.

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Best Birthday Ever!

Hello visitors!
{I haven't said that in a while...}

Its been a whirlwind here at The Sideways House! Its been a very busy spring to say the least. So its been nice to have a little break this week. And just in time for my birthday!

I got two beautiful flower arrangements! One from my favorite cousin and one from my favorite {only} husband. I don't know which is prettier!

But the highlight of my year birthday was going to the Lucketts Spring Market and meeting THE Miss Mustard Seed!! {The one who inspired me to start painting furniture and blogging!}

I had a total stalker fan moment. My mortified hubby was taking this picture. So exciting!

 I bought a few things at Lucketts {one of which I hope to share this week} and of course I had to get my book signed! I'm already planning next years trip!

And my perfect day finished with a romantic dinner at Ouzo Bay. 
{I highly recommend it if you are in the Baltimore area!}

I have some projects I'm hoping to finish up and photograph so I can share them soon!

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Teacher leave those kids alone...

Hello everybody!

I wanted to pop in and share a furniture makeover tonight. I feel like I haven't done a furniture post in ages! And this poor desk has been waiting in our garage all winter. {And somehow I still didn't mange to take a before picture...} This is a hardworking piece of furniture. It spent many years with a professor and it had some battle wounds to show for it. Missing hardware, wobbly leg, carvings along the edge, writing on the drawers and chipping, peeling veneer! {my favorite... NOT!} How do I keep getting into these veneer situations? Well this veneer was pretty easy to remove and the wood underneath was in good condition.

The body is painted with a 75/25 mix of MMSMP Typewriter and Grainsack. 
Its a nice deep slate color.
{Although it looks like Artissimo in these pictures. Must be the lighting.}
 The top is stained with Minwax Weathered Gray and Special Walnut and then sealed with hemp oil.

 I added in a squirt of bonding agent so it just had a little chipping on the edges. I thought it fit well with the pock-marked distressed top.

And I saved the best picture for last:
There is my partner in crime. Gotta love a little comic relief. 

This beauty sadly will not fit in our home so it is looking for a new home. 
I'm gonna miss this one but maybe a friend or family member can take him in so I can come visit...
{Hint hint..}
Message me if interested!

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Happy Earth Day!

Hello readers & Happy Earth Day!

To celebrate the arrival of spring and Earth Day, we have been doing some work out in the yard.

Here's what our yard looked like last fall after we took out some of the overgrown bushes. 

 And here's how it looks now!

 We added in some blue and white hydrangeas and some more hostas.
{Thanks Momma for the free hostas!}

We also put in the stone border and put down some mulch.

 We might put in some annuals for some extra color in a few weeks 
when the weather is a little more consistent.
 And here's a recap of the changes since we moved in last year!
I cant wait to see how the new plants fill in over the next few weeks. 

How about you guys? Anyone do any fun Earth Day projects?

And I have to share one more quick project we completed this week:
How's that for a spring makeover? Layla loves her haircut!
{Well maybe not the process, but she loves not having shorter hair and we love not having to pick leaves out of her hair everyday!}

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