The Festival of Lights

On the 5th night of Chanukah, we invited Brew's parents over for Latkes! Ah yes, his Jewish father's favorite! Brew gathered all his half-Jewish heritage to make his papa happy!


2.5lb Potatoes (I prefer Yukon Gold, but Red Bliss used this time)
1 Yellow Onion
3/4 Cup Matzo Meal
3 Eggs, beaten
Salt & Pepper, liberally
Spoonful of potato liquid

First, shred potatoes and onion using food processor. Use a medium shred on the potatoes and a finer shred on the onion.

Soak Shredded Potatoes about twenty minutes. Drain in colander.

Combine potatoes with onion and use cheese cloth and small handfuls at a time to press out all moisture. Combine all ingredients and mix with hands.

Heat canola oil in pan about 1/8 inch deep. Make sure the oil is hot or it won't work. If oil gets too hot though, they will burn before they are cooked in middle. You know it is right when you put the latke in and it bubbles up all around it. If it browns in the first minute, the oil is too hot.

Fry latkes about 5 minutes per side. Make sure they cook for a while or you will have raw potatoes in center. Flip when golden brown.

Drain on a paper towel to remove excess oil.

Enjoy with sour cream, apple sauce, or both! And make sure you savor the deep fried McDonalds smell that will linger for the next few weeks in remembrance of Chanukah!


Doodle's contribution to our Chanukah celebration.


While Brew was creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen,
 I was creating tablescape masterpieces in the dining room.

Our blue and white wedding chine is perfect for a Chanukah celebration!

And I thought these mercury glass votives 
and my new star lantern were the perfect simple center piece!

We just had a simple dinner with the two of us and Brew's parents.
It was a nice relaxing meal after our very busy Thanksgiving!

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