Merry Christmas from The Sideways House

Merry Christmas Blog Visitors!

I had planned on writing this post yesterday but time just got away from me.

I wanted to share this year's Christmas card.
{Of course we had to get Layla in on our card.}

 I took all of three pictures yesterday morning.

 Brew tried to eat Layla's Christmas bone.

 And someone got some new guitar toys!

We had a pretty laid back day. We spent the whole day at home together.
Brew's family came over to celebrate in the evening.
And of course, Brew cooked a gourmet dinner!


And I wanted to share some brief Christmas reflections. 
This year has been bittersweet for our family for many reason.
I have been humbled and honored in the time I have spent with our family, friends and patients. 
It has truly made me realize that the greatest things in life are not things.

And I have to post one of my favorite biblical Christmas quotes.
It truly represents the spirit of the season. 

So from our family to yours,
we hope your holiday season is filled with peace and love.

Thanks for stopping by!

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