A Late Thanksgiving Update.

Hello Everyone. Sorry for the short hiatus. I spent a busy few days prepping for the holiday in Pennsylvania with my Momma and then at work. So I am just getting around to some much awaited holiday posts.

First, however, I want to share a few Thanksgiving pictures. {I do apologize. These were all taken via Iphone.}

I had so much fun decorating my parent's mantle. Their house is decorated in warm, earthy tones- yellows, greens, terracotta. 

This magnolia swag complimented their colors scheme and brick, and fit in well with the existing decor. The house lends well the autumn colors. 

I think it can be a breath of fresh air to decorate a space very different from your own home.

My parents live in the heart of Amish country Pennsylvania. This year my mom ordered a Tur-duc-ken from the Amish market. Check out the size of this bird!

I had to share this picture of Layla with her uncle. She had quite the eventful holiday in Pennsylvania as well. 

She spent the day chasing around all the kids outside. I couldn't find her when we were cleaning up dinner. She went to hide under the table for a nap.

Brew also had an eventful holiday. He went to cheer on the Ravens to victory in the Thanksgiving night game.

We have a lot of great posts planned over the next few weeks. I've been holding back the on holiday posts but Thanksgiving is over so now its on to Christmas {and maybe a Hanukkah post or two.}

Thanks for stopping by!

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