Nautical Coffee Table

We haven't bought a single piece of new furniture since we bought our house. 
And even in our two years living in our apartment, the only furniture we bought was two Ikea bookshelves. We have been fortunate to get most of our furniture from friends and family.
We got a set of mission oak nesting tables, a coffee table and a side table from my parents a few years ago. When we moved, we split the set up between our living room and den. But it was time for our mission oak family to be reunited!

{Enter new coffee table.}
This table was also part of my Craigslist furniture lot.
Best part is it was already stripped and just waiting for a makeover!

 So I broke out my current faves!
Artissimo Milk Paint and Minwax Dark Walnut. 

 I distressed and sealed with hemp oil.

 I think the coffee table goes perfectly with our nautical den.

 The rug it actually a good bit darker than the table but it looks much lighter in the pictures.

I think Layla approves!

 And of course we have to do a before and after!


And on a side note,
my youngest brother is spending the weekend at the Sideways Inn.
I think this picture pretty much sums up the weekend so far.

I promise he locked himself in there.
But Layla probably told him to...

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your house is so cool. So many people get furniture as wedding gifts or they buy new stuff for the house. Yours not only has a story behind every piece, but you will always have the memories of restoring things and building up your house together.