Barn Chair: Take 2

There must be some unsung rule that rustic old barns must be filled with treasures.
{Especially old furniture looking for some love.}

My first barn chair makeover was much more of an over haul than this chair.
But this chair certainly had its fair share of issues...

Before anyone faints at the idea of me painting wood let me explain. 
 Its hard to see in this picture but the finish was worn in places
and the dark tone didn't let the details really pop.
 The original horse hair and cotton fill was mostly intact
but the webbing did need some minor repairs.
 I painted the frame with ASCP Paris Gray
and then did a wash of MMSCP Grain Sack.
And then half the paint peeled off back to the wood...
{After I freaked out and regrouped}
I sanded the flaking paint patches back off and started over.

 I distressed with a sanding block to allow 
some of the remaining Grain Sack and wood to show through.
And sealed with hemp oil.
Then I recovered the chair in this nubby striped fabric.
It reminds me of a old grain sack.
{But much more affordable and accessible}

 Check out those original casters!

I keep moving the chair around to decide if it has a place in our home.
I have a feeling it may be sticking around for a little while...

And I can't forget the before and after shots!

So what do you think about the chair's new look?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. beautiful!!!! So jealous of your home and your awesome furniture!

  2. Nice chair . . . but I want to know where you got the lamp in the background?

    1. Thanks! Which lamp? The telescope floor lamp is from World Market and the table lamp is from Home Goods.

  3. This is stunning! I so wish I knew how to upholster. Beautiful job. x

    1. Thanks! The next chair I recover I'm going to try to take more pictures and do a tutorial. Its so easy to do! Let me know if I can help you at all!

  4. Gorgeous, it looks so much better painted. Love those casters and the fabric you chose.

  5. This turned out just lovely! The paint makes the piece ;)

  6. I just bought a chair exactly like this ! What paint did you use and where did you get the fabric

    1. Hi! I used a combination of milk paint and chalk paint on this chair. I bought the fabric at JoAnn's. Good luck on your chair!