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Hello Visitors!

We just wanted to pop in for a quick Sunday night post.
We spent this perfect fall weekend volunteering at the Camp we met at many summers ago
and today we spent some much needed time out in our yard.

When we moved into our Sideways House it had been uninhabited for months.
The yard has been a big undertaking.
Today we spent several hours cutting back and taking out 
some of the overgrown bushes.

 While we aren't quite ready to share pictures of the front of the house yet,
{the siding behind the bushes is a bit green and in need of some power washing}
I do have a few pictures to share of the shenanigans that occurred today!

 Camouflaged behind a massively overgrown butterfly bush.
Can anyone spot the Brew?
 Here at the Sideways House
safety is obviously our number one concern....

 He hit a wall around hour three of assault on the bushes!
Check out that butterfly bush...
Hopefully they fill in quick or we may avoid taking any pictures of that side of the house.

Thankfully the bushes in the front fared a little better.

We have some great posts planned for this week!
Thanks for stopping by!

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