Welcome to the Man Cave - Where we have fun and games

So Doodle has allocated one room of the house to man stuff
{Well really one corner}

The main purpose of the man cave is all my guitar gear.
This is wear I keep all my babies! {Besides Layla}

First, I want you to meet Miss Scarlet:
Gibson SG Faded 2008
Worn Cherry Finish
490R in Neck & 490T in the Bridge
Ernie Ball Slinky Top Heavy Bottom Strings

And then there's my pedal board:
Digitech RP 255 - Noise Gate, Volume Pedal, Digital Delay
{Doodle got this for me for our second Christmas together while we were dating}
Bogner Uberschall Distortion Pedal {Use this for most of my heavy sounds}
Digitech Hardwire CM-2 Tube Overdrive {Primarily used as Tube Screamer and boost}
Boss  CS-3 Compression and Sustain
Switch Doctor Channel Selector
And then there's my newest baby {My first Tube amp}
 Carvin MTS 3212 (Carvin 3200 Head with 2x12 speakers)
4x 6L6GC Groove Tubes (Power Tubes)
5x 12AX7 Groove Tubes (Preamp Tubes)

This bad boy replaced my Marshall MG100DFX Solid State {Not bad for a solid state}
I could not be happier with this decision.

Check it all out in action:

Thanks for stopping by

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