Our Pantry-less Solution

When we were house shopping,
we both had lofty dreams of chefs kitchens and butlers pantries.

The storage!
 The Cabinets!
Holy Butler's Pantry, Batman!

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And then reality hit...

We love our little Sideways House.
But it has about six cabinets and no pantry.
So we knew we were going to have to improvise.

 I had seen old storage units and dressers re-purposed into kitchen storage.
 We used an old Ikea bookshelf that we already had on hand.
 I think mason jars make everything a little more presentable.

 We use baskets to hide less photogenic items.
 The bowls hold potatoes, onions and fruit.
 We love some pasta around here.
We even found a mail organizer
since there is no place to stash our mail clutter.
{How that for real life confessions in blogland?}
So there's our storage solution!

But don't worry!
We are still planning our dream kitchen for a few years down the road.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the mail organizer!! Where did you find it?