My Momma's Fall Porch

Today I was hoping for some inspiration to decorate our front door/tiny porch
and write a wonderful blog post about it!
{Right now it has two sad mums and that is it.}

But instead,
I spent a wonderful afternoon with my Momma!
And I helped decorate her front porch instead!

 We did some {bargain} shopping and had lunch.

 Then picked up the little guy from school and went pumpkin picking!

 I have been seriously obsessing over white and grey Cinderella pumpkins.
I have looked at several stores and found only orange.
 My parents live in an orchard so we drove to the farm store 
and there were only orange pumpkins and gourds.
But when I asked the lady working the counter 
she mentioned that they have some white and grey pumpkins out in the patch still.
So out we went! {in our good shoes.}
And we hit the pumpkin jackpot!!
 We also got these magnolia garlands on clearance at Pier 1.
And the wreath was $2.97 at Goodwill!
That is the place to buy wreaths!
{Even if you are just looking for a wreath frame to strip down for another project.}

 I love the stack of pumpkins in the urns.
Makes me want to go buy some urns to stack my beautiful white and grey pumpkins in!
I'm sure I'll come up with something!

This Praying Mantis was hanging out while we were decorating.
He's in a few of the pictures above. He must be confused because it is still 80 degrees out!
I'm ignoring this unseasonal weather. I have officially embraced fall and
 I even had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season today.
And on my drive home, I took the back way through the country so I could enjoy 
the changing leaves and drive with the windows down.

It was a pretty perfect day!

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Your Momma's porch is spectacular! So pretty.
    I agree with you that Goodwill is the place to find wreaths to redecorate. I love Goodwill.
    The magnolia garland is gorgeous. I may have to seriously search for one just like that.

    I hope you enjoy coming up with something to do with your white and grey pumpkins.

    Happy Fall to you and your Momma! :)