Just like a day at the carnival!

The past few weekends we have been getting some yard work done
 while the weather is still nice.

Last weekend we trimmed and took out some bushes.

This weekend we spent Sunday power washing our two decks and the exterior of the house.

We both thought power washing would be a pretty easy job.
We thought it would be just like hosing down the surface 
and it would magically be shiny and new!
 It was a little more work than that...
But it was kind of fun to use the power washer.
It reminded me the water gun game at the carnival
where you have to aim at the tiny targets to win a prize!

 Except the tiny targets are the green scum on the decks and siding!
And there's no prize...
 Unless you count a sparkling home exterior!
{Brew didn't think that was a worthy prize after four hours of scrubbing...}

We wanted to share a picture of the front of 
Our Sideways House since we have done some landscaping.
And here's a before and after of house when we moved in and now.
We still have some work to do in the front garden 
but I think taking out those bushes made a big difference!

On a side note,
am I the only person that kind of likes the way the fall leaves look in the yard??
{And I promise it's not just because I don't want to rake!}

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love leaves in the yard! And who really wants to rake?