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As a newlywed,
I am still very much in the post-wedding stage
of wanting to show everyone our pictures!
I mean it was the best day of our lives.
{And we spent mucho $$$ on both the day and our amazing pictures!}
So I have been trying to find a creative way to display some of our pictures.

Enter our new gallery {wall}:

 I got these doorknob hooks at Hobby Lobby.
{Why is the closest Hob Lob 45 minutes away?
There should be one in every town!}

 I reused the small frames from our wedding table numbers.

 All the other frames were either gifts or frames I got on sale.
{Bargain shopping!}
I started off cutting out paper and taping it to the wall to create a layout.
But about 6 papers in I decided to just wing it!
I laid the frames out on the floor into a grouping I liked 
and then used Scotch adhesive picture strips to hang almost everything.
Our house has plaster walls so nails create little cracks and divots in the wall.
I have had good luck with the adhesive strips.
I had one picture fall about 3 weeks after hanging it but I only used one strip on that frame 
when I probably should have used two.
{I used screws to hang the doorknobs because they are heavy!} 

Brew's response when he saw the wall:
"Don't you think you should spread the pictures out and hang  some on other walls?"

Umm... no.
 Its growing on him now. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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