Chalking it up!

I L-O-V-E chalkboard paint!

I have done a few small chalkboard paint projects over the last few months.

But it was time to go big or go home,
 {And convince Brew how fun chalkboard paint is!}
with a whole chalkboard wall!

I love chalkboard walls in the kitchen. 
They are so functional for making grocery lists and menus.

Here's a few I was coveting from Blogland.
This is similar to our wall with the door in the middle. 
There is still a good amount of room to write on 
without been an overwhelming black wall.

I like that this wall is a bluish slate color instead of black.
This picture looks very similar to our kitchen.
A cozy {small} kitchen with white cabinets.
Now if only I could work up the courage to do some open cabinets.

And how could I talk chalkboard walls and not show 
Miss Mustard Seed's iconic wall.
{I basically want her whole house!}

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So I broke out my trusty chalkboard paint!
 And I couldn't be happier with it!

 And Brew loves it too!
He loves to leave me to-do lists on my days off.
{And sometimes pictures that aren't exactly blog appropriate...}

 It such a fun and easy space to decorate 
and switch out quotes and pictures!
 Even Layla likes it!
 Although sometimes she licks the chalk off...

So what do you think?
Just the right amount of character or big black wall?

Thanks for stopping by!

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