A much needed facelift.

Since the day I bought my first can of chalk paint
I have been dreaming about making over my childhood bedroom set.

I talked myself in and out of it several times. 
It is a set that has been in my family for many years 
and painting a true heirloom is a little more involved that taking a brush
to a random piece of furniture.
So I would drop the paint brush and step away from the dresser.

When we moved into our house,
my old bedroom set went into our guest room.
I still loved the set and all its memories but
it was worn and the veneer was cracked and chipping.
I knew it was ready for a facelift. 

At first I wanted to refinish the top and paint the body.
But after a long, back-breaking afternoon of stripping veneer
with disappointing results,
I had to fill several divots with putty which I knew wouldn't stain evenly.
So I decided to paint the whole set.
  And I am in love!
The color is just what I imagined.

And I left the original hardware.
I just cleaned and lightly polished them. 
 And the little legs!
 I love how a little distressing really brings out the details 
so much more than the worn mahogany finish.
 {If only I could have one post without a yorkie in the background of my pictures..}

 And the bed frame is perfect!
{Although I am still looking for the perfect bed linens.}
 Oh the details!

Couldn't be happier with the results!

And just one more before and after:
{in case you forgot}

Now we just need some guests!
{and curtains and linens and a rug...}

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What a wonderful furniture makeover! They turned out so beautiful! I love the color you used!