Just like a day at the carnival!

The past few weekends we have been getting some yard work done
 while the weather is still nice.

Last weekend we trimmed and took out some bushes.

This weekend we spent Sunday power washing our two decks and the exterior of the house.

We both thought power washing would be a pretty easy job.
We thought it would be just like hosing down the surface 
and it would magically be shiny and new!
 It was a little more work than that...
But it was kind of fun to use the power washer.
It reminded me the water gun game at the carnival
where you have to aim at the tiny targets to win a prize!

 Except the tiny targets are the green scum on the decks and siding!
And there's no prize...
 Unless you count a sparkling home exterior!
{Brew didn't think that was a worthy prize after four hours of scrubbing...}

We wanted to share a picture of the front of 
Our Sideways House since we have done some landscaping.
And here's a before and after of house when we moved in and now.
We still have some work to do in the front garden 
but I think taking out those bushes made a big difference!

On a side note,
am I the only person that kind of likes the way the fall leaves look in the yard??
{And I promise it's not just because I don't want to rake!}

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Welcome to the Man Cave - Where we have fun and games

So Doodle has allocated one room of the house to man stuff
{Well really one corner}

The main purpose of the man cave is all my guitar gear.
This is wear I keep all my babies! {Besides Layla}

First, I want you to meet Miss Scarlet:
Gibson SG Faded 2008
Worn Cherry Finish
490R in Neck & 490T in the Bridge
Ernie Ball Slinky Top Heavy Bottom Strings

And then there's my pedal board:
Digitech RP 255 - Noise Gate, Volume Pedal, Digital Delay
{Doodle got this for me for our second Christmas together while we were dating}
Bogner Uberschall Distortion Pedal {Use this for most of my heavy sounds}
Digitech Hardwire CM-2 Tube Overdrive {Primarily used as Tube Screamer and boost}
Boss  CS-3 Compression and Sustain
Switch Doctor Channel Selector
And then there's my newest baby {My first Tube amp}
 Carvin MTS 3212 (Carvin 3200 Head with 2x12 speakers)
4x 6L6GC Groove Tubes (Power Tubes)
5x 12AX7 Groove Tubes (Preamp Tubes)

This bad boy replaced my Marshall MG100DFX Solid State {Not bad for a solid state}
I could not be happier with this decision.

Check it all out in action:

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History of Furniture 101

 So today in 
History of Furniture 101
we are learning about the Larkin Desk!

The Larkin Desk originated in the early 1900s and 
were given out with the purchase of $10 worth of products 
from the Larkin Soap Company.
{If only you could still get furniture from buying soap...}

Well this particular Larkin desk needed a good washing!
 It was stained, falling apart, and just kinda stinky!

 It needed some love!

And a few coats of Artissimo Milk Paint!

 Actually I painted it with Grain sack and then Artissimo.
 And then I distressed with a sanding block so the Grain Sack and wood would show through.

To add a little something special,
I decoupaged some vintage-y gold patterned paper in the inside.
 And I left the inside painted Grain Sack.
 I just love it!
 I think Artissimo is just the most fabulous color!

I wanted to share how different the color looks after applying a top coat.

I have been loving hemp oil as a top coat. 
It is so easy to apply. Requires much less elbow grease than wax. 
It creates such a buttery smooth finish and dries to a subtle shine.
The hemp oil makes the color so much richer and really adds depth to the finish.

Such a transformation to a great piece of history!

I'm looking forward to spending some time with this piece.
But it is looking for a permanent home.
Contact me if interested!

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Our Pantry-less Solution

When we were house shopping,
we both had lofty dreams of chefs kitchens and butlers pantries.

The storage!
 The Cabinets!
Holy Butler's Pantry, Batman!

Sources:1 2 3

And then reality hit...

We love our little Sideways House.
But it has about six cabinets and no pantry.
So we knew we were going to have to improvise.

 I had seen old storage units and dressers re-purposed into kitchen storage.
 We used an old Ikea bookshelf that we already had on hand.
 I think mason jars make everything a little more presentable.

 We use baskets to hide less photogenic items.
 The bowls hold potatoes, onions and fruit.
 We love some pasta around here.
We even found a mail organizer
since there is no place to stash our mail clutter.
{How that for real life confessions in blogland?}
So there's our storage solution!

But don't worry!
We are still planning our dream kitchen for a few years down the road.

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Workin' hard for the money!

Hello Visitors!

We just wanted to pop in for a quick Sunday night post.
We spent this perfect fall weekend volunteering at the Camp we met at many summers ago
and today we spent some much needed time out in our yard.

When we moved into our Sideways House it had been uninhabited for months.
The yard has been a big undertaking.
Today we spent several hours cutting back and taking out 
some of the overgrown bushes.

 While we aren't quite ready to share pictures of the front of the house yet,
{the siding behind the bushes is a bit green and in need of some power washing}
I do have a few pictures to share of the shenanigans that occurred today!

 Camouflaged behind a massively overgrown butterfly bush.
Can anyone spot the Brew?
 Here at the Sideways House
safety is obviously our number one concern....

 He hit a wall around hour three of assault on the bushes!
Check out that butterfly bush...
Hopefully they fill in quick or we may avoid taking any pictures of that side of the house.

Thankfully the bushes in the front fared a little better.

We have some great posts planned for this week!
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Good Morning Sunshine!

I am so excited to share this project with you all!

This is my second project with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.
This time I chose Mustard Seed yellow-
The most perfect shade of sunny vintage yellow!

However first I must share the before:
{I always forget to take good before pictures.}

This piece had definitely seen better days.
It had deep scratches, a loose leg, and a thick rough finish.
But I knew under all that cracked varnish was some character and beautiful grain.

So after many hours of scrapping, sanding and far too many fumes,
the wood was back!

And all that elbow grease was definitely worth it!

I love key holes!

And the only thing that makes keys holes better,
it having the original skeleton key to lock it!
 This wardrobe had a mind of its own about the finish.
 But that is one of my favorite parts about milk paint.
I painted on two coats came back a few hours later and 
I thought about scraping it to distress more 
but I ended up just sanding lightly and sealing with two coats of hemp oil.

 And if this wardrobe doesn't have enough charm,
it has a hidden surprise behind that lock and key...
Chalkboards inside!
{I mean who doesn't love a secret chalkboard!}
 I think this could make a great pantry too
for those of use with a lack of pantry space...

This may be my favorite piece yet!

However, sadly we don't have the space for it.

So this lovely wardrobe is looking for a new home.
Please contact me for details!

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