The Befores

We looked at houses for almost 3 months before we found THE ONE. 

And then we waited over four months from the time 
we put in our offer until we settled and moved in...

I made sure to take some before pictures when we moved in
 and its a good thing we did because there have been a ton of changes since then!

Here's the Sideways House:

 The fireplace paint job was the first to go!

 Blog pictures wouldn't be complete with Layla sneaking in.
Or an awkward Brew picture.

 Lots of dark paint and dark rooms...

Someone was very excited about having the television set up.

And here's the man cave.

 Can't wait to strip this wallpaper!
 Our guest room.
My dressing room complete with the gecko tank.

 My favorite part of the house!
Its so nice to have the porch and backyard.
We spent so much time outside this summer 
grilling and gardening and enjoying the yard!

 I wish I could say our home was love at first sight
 but we knew we were in for a lot of elbow grease to make our house into a home. 

We can't wait to start sharing some of our completed projects!

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