My first dumpster dive.

While out walking the dog one day, I spotted this beauty sitting next to a dumpster.
 Whatever heartless person abandoned this poor piece of furniture 
also threw the drawers in the dumpster.

 The hubby's favorite part was the labeled drawers!
Just in case you forget which drawer you keep your shirts in!

This dresser was in sad shape. It needed a good bit of wood glue, putty and sanding.
{as well as some lysol and a good scrubbing...}

But check it out now!
 I even lined the drawers with wrapping paper and covered them with contact paper.
{and by "I" really mean my super crafty BFF 
who has a lot of experience with contact paper 
from covering Hanson posters in middle school!}
"How to line drawers" could have been a separate blog post 
in itself if I only would have taken better pictures...
The drawers seem like a little hidden surprise when you open them!
{Love it!}
 Sadly, we have no more room for furniture so this dresser is looking to go home with someone else!
{Message me if interested!}

I am abiding by the hubby's rule that no more furniture can come into our home until some leaves...
{Yeah I'm looking for my local chapter of Furniture Hoarders Anonymous...}

Until Next Time!


  1. I think I will soon have chairs ready to doante to the cause. My new ones for the store are on their way. Can't wait to see what wonderful idea you come up with--I want to do new dining room chairs. Want to did with me one day off soon??