The Chair

This is by far my biggest and most labor intensive project to date. 
It has also been the most rewarding!
 This story starts with a chair in a barn.
{my Camp Mom's barn to be exact!}
It wasn't pretty{Or in good condition}but it was free!

Caution: This picture is not for the faint of heart!

Here's the before:
Lets pause a second to take in the full beauty of this chair:
The flaking green paint, the three layers of decaying fabric, and the innards...
Oh that musky mix of stuffing, mice nests, and possible asbestos!
(Good thing we brought our gloves and masks!)

But we knew underneath all those {toxic} layers were some great bones, lovely details and potential!

And so we began!
We stripped the chair all the way down!
Most of the paint strapped right off. We used Orange Gel to get off the stubborn spots!

Then we sanded, stained and polyurethaned the frame.
{That was the easy part...}

The webbing and springs needed to be completely removed and replaced.
 And retying the springs was probably the biggest headache {and finger-ache} of this project.
Luckily I had assistance from my CM, because it was definitely a two person job. 

Like many part of this project, tying the springs was mostly trial and error.
We consulted a furniture re-upholstery book which just stated
"Springs can be reinforced if the strings are worn in areas, however do not remove the springs. They can only be properly tied and secured by an expert upholsterer"

So needless to say we have now titled ourselves
"Expert Upholsterers!"

 We then applied the muslin...
 Foam to the seat and back...
And cover the chair in more muslin
{and fiber fill but I didn't get a picture of that...}

And then the fabric!
{And several hundred tacks!}
I bought three different fabrics before deciding on this one.
Its a Williamsburg fabric which I took as a sign because last September 
the hubby and I took our first trip to historic Williamsburg with my Camp Parents.
So it was obviously meant to be.

So time for the big reveal!

{Drum roll please!}

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!!!
It was a long project {since Memorial Day!}
But it was definitely worth every minute of work!