Hubby Cooks!

As I'm sure this blog has made clear I love to craft! However, my Hubby loves to cook! And since both our hobbies involve making something, I've decided to start featuring my Hubby's delicious creations on here as well.

As fitting for my first Hubby Cooks post, I want to blog about the first thing my hubby ever cooked for me back when we first started dating.  He combined some of my favorite foods, shrimp and mushroom, to make a spicy pasta the he cleverly calls Pasta a la Jac. He makes this dish every few weeks and because he never measures ingredients, it tastes a little different every time. 

He starts with his secret family sauce recipe.
{We've made it with jarred sauce before too for a busy week night dinner}
 Saute some secret ingredients.

Add tomato paste, wine and some other secret stuff.
 Add the secret spice mix.
Let it simmer until its all thick and combined and yummy!
 My handsome chef.
 Saute some shrimp. {my fave}
 Add veggies! {That makes it healthy!}
 I like my veggies a little crispy still.
 Add the shrimp and veggies to the sauce and let simmer for a few minutes.
 Serve over pasta. {and bread to sop of the extra sauce!}

And that's Pasta a la Jac!

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