A Touch of Spring and a Handful of St.Patrick's Day

This has been a crazy week for me. I started a new job on Monday 
and haven't had a whole lot of free time this week. 

But I did manage to add a few spring-y touches around our apartment!
I love daffodils! 

I am obsessed with these vases from Anthropology. 
I got the gray one for Christmas and I went and bought the blue and red one shortly after.
The white flowers were in clearance at Micheal's for like $1.40 each!
And the flowers in the center were an Easter gift from last year.

I took advantage of this gorgeous weather to spend some time outside
 and enjoy a little gardening.

Pansies will be able to stand up to any spring frosts that may come our way.
I was outside walking Layla earlier and I found these...
 Six four leaf clovers!
That has got to be some serious St. Patty's Day luck!
And we're going to need it! 
We are going out for out bachelor/bachelorette parties on Saturday!

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