No furniture is safe!

Somehow amongst the chaos of starting a new job 
{working five days a week instead of two} 
and having less than a month until our wedding,
I have managed to refinish another {or five...} pieces of furniture.

I mentioned our table and chairs in a previous post. They are a nice set.  And I use the term 'set' loosely because only two of the four chairs match! I think it adds character! They have great detail and overall were still in decent condition. And the best part is they were free from my parents' basement!!

And I'm ready to admit that I'm a leg girl! Great legs make a piece of furniture! And these chairs and table have great legs. I always like how white paint and a little distressing bring out those details.

 Here they are before:

Look how sad they look next to the freshly painted hutch.

 It was so beautiful outside I decided to paint on out {tiny} patio.
I had several people stop and ask what I was doing, including two maintenance guys.
I may be becoming the crazy girl in the building.
{But at least my furniture won't judge..}

 I broke out my ASCP again. I'm in love!

And Ta-Da!
 Aren't they gorgeous?
Very farmhouse chic!
And they look like they go together with the hutch!
I'm going to stain the tops of the hutch and table to match.
Look at my confused puppy! 
She thinks I'm taking her picture! Little showboat!

Now its time for me to exercise some serious discipline and finish all my wedding projects in the next 25 days {yikes!} before picking up another paint brush!


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  1. That looks great. Love that you left the top brown.