Its been a while...

Sorry its been so long since my last post, but I have been SUPER busy.

In the last week I have:
-Done a wedding walk-through with my {amazing} caterer
-Finally figured out my centerpieces
-Unpacked most of our shower gifts
-Oh Yeah! and this:
I found this buffet and hutch on Craig's list {which I now stalk daily} 
and went to pick  it up last week at this thrift store downtown.
The little lady that ran the store looked horrified when I accidentally mentioned I would be painting it. I actually thought she was reconsidering selling it to me...
I forgot to take a picture before taking off the doors and drawers. {Oops}

 I've been reading up about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and was dying to give it a try.
Its kinda pricey but it's so simple and I little shop around the corner sells it.
The best part about this paint {beside the to-die-for color selection} is that there is basically zero prep required! You don't have to sand, strip, or prime. You can paint over basically any surface.
 {I'm giving my Ikea furniture a dirty look as I type this!}

 So I taped everything and removed the hardware. 
Then everything got a few coats of paint.
I did two coats on most of the piece but a few areas required three coats to get even coverage.
The paint dries really quick so you can start a second coat almost right after finishing the first.
 I left the top with the original finish because I'm in love with the look of a dark top on a lighter distressed piece. {I may still go back and sand it down and stain it a darker walnut finish.}
I lightly distressed the edges and detailing with a 150 grit sanding block.
Then I sealed the whole piece with the Annie Sloan Clear wax.
I replaced all the hardware{which was probably the most time consuming part!}
And I stocked it with all our new shower gifts!

I'm in love with the results and am now looking at every mismatched piece of furniture in our apartment with a paint brush in my hand.
{Table and chairs: You're next! Pictures to come!}


  1. Holy! What a fabulous transformation!!

  2. Looks beautiful! I don't ever tell people I am going to paint anything anymore, I have gotten a few looks as well. :) Visiting from MMS

  3. This looks awesome. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.