The clock's ticking..

We have less than three weeks to go until our wedding!

Last week I sat down and wrote a list of everything I could think of that we still had to get finished. I thought it would make me feel organized and on top of things.

I was wrong. It made me feel stressed out and overwhelmed! The list was two pages long! While many of the tasks are quick and easy, like making payments to our vendors and finalizing the ceremony and headcount, some are long and involved. For example, yesterday we made our {tentative} seating chart. We debated and deliberated for two hours about where to sit everyone. {It was possibly the worst wedding task yet...}

So now I actually have to get all my diy wedding projects done. Saturday was crafty day! A friend came over and we knocked out about four projects! {And then rewarded ourselves with going out for martinis!}

There are some projects I don't want to reveal until after the wedding so there are some surprises for our guests. However, after I finished this project I knew I had to share it because I am so excited with how it turned out!

I knew I wanted something different for a cake topper than the generic bride and groom or a monogram.

I saw some adorable cake toppers on Etsy. {but they were a little out of my price range..} I got all the supplies for this project at Michael's for less than $20 and it only took a few hours to make.

I haven't shown the Fiance because I used fabric from my dress swatch on the little bride. {So hopefully he isn't reading this.}

Well back to my projects! {and to bed soon because I have to work tonight!}

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