The clock's ticking..

We have less than three weeks to go until our wedding!

Last week I sat down and wrote a list of everything I could think of that we still had to get finished. I thought it would make me feel organized and on top of things.

I was wrong. It made me feel stressed out and overwhelmed! The list was two pages long! While many of the tasks are quick and easy, like making payments to our vendors and finalizing the ceremony and headcount, some are long and involved. For example, yesterday we made our {tentative} seating chart. We debated and deliberated for two hours about where to sit everyone. {It was possibly the worst wedding task yet...}

So now I actually have to get all my diy wedding projects done. Saturday was crafty day! A friend came over and we knocked out about four projects! {And then rewarded ourselves with going out for martinis!}

There are some projects I don't want to reveal until after the wedding so there are some surprises for our guests. However, after I finished this project I knew I had to share it because I am so excited with how it turned out!

I knew I wanted something different for a cake topper than the generic bride and groom or a monogram.

I saw some adorable cake toppers on Etsy. {but they were a little out of my price range..} I got all the supplies for this project at Michael's for less than $20 and it only took a few hours to make.

I haven't shown the Fiance because I used fabric from my dress swatch on the little bride. {So hopefully he isn't reading this.}

Well back to my projects! {and to bed soon because I have to work tonight!}


No furniture is safe!

Somehow amongst the chaos of starting a new job 
{working five days a week instead of two} 
and having less than a month until our wedding,
I have managed to refinish another {or five...} pieces of furniture.

I mentioned our table and chairs in a previous post. They are a nice set.  And I use the term 'set' loosely because only two of the four chairs match! I think it adds character! They have great detail and overall were still in decent condition. And the best part is they were free from my parents' basement!!

And I'm ready to admit that I'm a leg girl! Great legs make a piece of furniture! And these chairs and table have great legs. I always like how white paint and a little distressing bring out those details.

 Here they are before:

Look how sad they look next to the freshly painted hutch.

 It was so beautiful outside I decided to paint on out {tiny} patio.
I had several people stop and ask what I was doing, including two maintenance guys.
I may be becoming the crazy girl in the building.
{But at least my furniture won't judge..}

 I broke out my ASCP again. I'm in love!

And Ta-Da!
 Aren't they gorgeous?
Very farmhouse chic!
And they look like they go together with the hutch!
I'm going to stain the tops of the hutch and table to match.
Look at my confused puppy! 
She thinks I'm taking her picture! Little showboat!

Now its time for me to exercise some serious discipline and finish all my wedding projects in the next 25 days {yikes!} before picking up another paint brush!


Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

The Shabby Nest


A Touch of Spring and a Handful of St.Patrick's Day

This has been a crazy week for me. I started a new job on Monday 
and haven't had a whole lot of free time this week. 

But I did manage to add a few spring-y touches around our apartment!
I love daffodils! 

I am obsessed with these vases from Anthropology. 
I got the gray one for Christmas and I went and bought the blue and red one shortly after.
The white flowers were in clearance at Micheal's for like $1.40 each!
And the flowers in the center were an Easter gift from last year.

I took advantage of this gorgeous weather to spend some time outside
 and enjoy a little gardening.

Pansies will be able to stand up to any spring frosts that may come our way.
I was outside walking Layla earlier and I found these...
 Six four leaf clovers!
That has got to be some serious St. Patty's Day luck!
And we're going to need it! 
We are going out for out bachelor/bachelorette parties on Saturday!


Its been a while...

Sorry its been so long since my last post, but I have been SUPER busy.

In the last week I have:
-Done a wedding walk-through with my {amazing} caterer
-Finally figured out my centerpieces
-Unpacked most of our shower gifts
-Oh Yeah! and this:
I found this buffet and hutch on Craig's list {which I now stalk daily} 
and went to pick  it up last week at this thrift store downtown.
The little lady that ran the store looked horrified when I accidentally mentioned I would be painting it. I actually thought she was reconsidering selling it to me...
I forgot to take a picture before taking off the doors and drawers. {Oops}

 I've been reading up about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and was dying to give it a try.
Its kinda pricey but it's so simple and I little shop around the corner sells it.
The best part about this paint {beside the to-die-for color selection} is that there is basically zero prep required! You don't have to sand, strip, or prime. You can paint over basically any surface.
 {I'm giving my Ikea furniture a dirty look as I type this!}

 So I taped everything and removed the hardware. 
Then everything got a few coats of paint.
I did two coats on most of the piece but a few areas required three coats to get even coverage.
The paint dries really quick so you can start a second coat almost right after finishing the first.
 I left the top with the original finish because I'm in love with the look of a dark top on a lighter distressed piece. {I may still go back and sand it down and stain it a darker walnut finish.}
I lightly distressed the edges and detailing with a 150 grit sanding block.
Then I sealed the whole piece with the Annie Sloan Clear wax.
I replaced all the hardware{which was probably the most time consuming part!}
And I stocked it with all our new shower gifts!

I'm in love with the results and am now looking at every mismatched piece of furniture in our apartment with a paint brush in my hand.
{Table and chairs: You're next! Pictures to come!}