What's a miter box?

This project all began with this picture I found on Etsy 
{one of my favorite websites!} of an antique hotel key rack.
I thought this would be perfect for displaying the escort cards for the wedding. 
Unfortunately the $130 price tag was not within my budget. 
So I put on my DIY hat and thought I would give it a shot!

{I got most of the supplies from Lowes- Dark walnut stain, tongue and groove boards, corner molding,  hooks, and wood glue. I ordered the brackets from JoAnn's website and bought the letter stencils and paint from Michaels.}

 First I glued together and stained the boards.
I only did one coat of stain so it wouldn't be too dark.

 I cut all the molding myself {and was very proud}
and then realized I was using the miter box wrong and cut all the corners wrong ...
So {luckily} Fiance stepped in and saved the day! {And my project!}
He re-cut all the molding and helped me glue it in place and secure with clamps.
Once the glue dried I stained the molding to match.
Then I used the stencils to put 'keys' across the top.

 The brackets are adhesive so they just stick on.
I may go back and secure them with screws because some of them are loose.

 Screw in the hooks right below the brackets. 
I also spray painted the hooks so the would match the brackets.
And its finished! 
It seems much quicker now that I'm writing this 
but this project actually took several weeks to finish everything.
{That could be because I kept messing up and had to redo several steps...}

I made two so I would have 60 total hooks. 
Enough to hang all the escort cards {hopefully..} by couple or family.

Here's my sample escort card.
The back will have the guest's name and table number.

Now anybody at the wedding that is reading this post
 will still have to act surprised when they see the setup! 
{You all know who you are..}

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