Camp Mothers and Crafting

Yesterday I went to visit a very dear friend {whom I affectionately refer to as my "camp mother"} in PA. She lives in this amazing old farm house complete with a rustic old barn and a little summer house. I just love it. I joke with her that between her and her husband they could figure out how to fix/build/make anything. {Only I'm not joking!} I truly believe that she can make anything.

Example: Yesterday we made these.
 Pocket squares! Yay!
When the fiance and I went to pick out suits for the wedding I looked at getting pocket square for the guys in the wedding. I picked up a beautiful navy blue one and {whoa!} they were $18 a piece! So with the groom, best man, 3 groomsmen, and the ring bearer that would run us over a hundred dollars for pocket squares! So after I recovered from the shock, I called up my camp mom and went to JoAnn fabrics. And I made seven pocket squares for $3.40 and about 2 hours of work {and that's including the few errors I made and the time we spent talking...}
Example 2: Look what else I got yesterday!
This was handmade by my camp mom. She makes some amazing bags and I have been eying this one up for a while. She is an incredibly talented sewer and has such an eye for details. The inside is lined in red! I aspire to be able to sew like this one day! 

She also gave me these yesterday.
When she saw my invitation, she thought of these. I'm not sure what they will be used for yet but I'm sure I will find a place for them!

We also started working on a Just Married Banner yesterday. It's a work in progress at this point {along with about three other projects I'm currently working on!}.

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