The First.

I have been a blog enthusiast for several years. I have a list of blogs I frequent and that often leads to the discovery of new and equally exciting blogs. I have played with the idea of starting my own blog for several months but was stuck on what I would write about. 

Recently engaged {& getting married in April!!} in planning our wedding I have found I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Instead of compromising, I have found myself  saying "I can figure out how to make that!" The results have been satisfying {so far} and personalized. 

I recently finished my invitations {after enslaving a friend to help and 3.5 weeks of labor} and realized afterwards I completely forgot to document as I went along. {Opps!} But I still want to share the end results! 

The keys were stamped and then embossed. I think the end result looked more finished than just stamping.

 We hand cut all the paper ourselves. The only thing pre-made was the pocket fold and the envelopes. I thought about making the pocket folds but it would have been more expensive and time consuming! I printed everything on our little inkjet printer and was happy with the quality.  
 Sorry about the blurriness in this ^^ picture.
 The Fiance got endless entertainment out of the term "belly bands." I think he was a little disappointed when he realized little strips of paper were the end result. My incredibly crafty and wonderfully helpful friend let me use her Cricut {awesome by-the-way!}to the cut out the seals.

I am really happy with the results and they totally fit our wedding theme. And the best part is they cost us a fraction of the cost of ordering invitations would have!


  1. These are gorgeous! They look even better than professionally done invitations, because they are so unique. I love the blue and gold. I saw you had started following my blog so I just popped by to say hi. :-) Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

  2. Thanks Mary! You have a beautiful family and your blog is really inspirational! Congrats on the new baby and hope all is well!