Dining Room Chair Revamp!

I can never turn down free furniture, regardless of how ugly or terrible condition they may be in.
{Fortunately these chairs were neither ugly or falling apart.}
In their previous life, they sat at the counter of my aunt's jewelry store, where they made a comfortable seat for many a diamond shopper! 
However, their super glossy finish and stained black seat were crying for a makeover.

Here they are before:

 I swear  don't purposely put the dog in every picture.
She just see's the camera and wants to pose.
{I wonder where she gets that from...}

I am in love with the fabric!
Maybe I should have chose a different fabric so I won't be so upset that I can't keep them.

Until next time!


My first dumpster dive.

While out walking the dog one day, I spotted this beauty sitting next to a dumpster.
 Whatever heartless person abandoned this poor piece of furniture 
also threw the drawers in the dumpster.

 The hubby's favorite part was the labeled drawers!
Just in case you forget which drawer you keep your shirts in!

This dresser was in sad shape. It needed a good bit of wood glue, putty and sanding.
{as well as some lysol and a good scrubbing...}

But check it out now!
 I even lined the drawers with wrapping paper and covered them with contact paper.
{and by "I" really mean my super crafty BFF 
who has a lot of experience with contact paper 
from covering Hanson posters in middle school!}
"How to line drawers" could have been a separate blog post 
in itself if I only would have taken better pictures...
The drawers seem like a little hidden surprise when you open them!
{Love it!}
 Sadly, we have no more room for furniture so this dresser is looking to go home with someone else!
{Message me if interested!}

I am abiding by the hubby's rule that no more furniture can come into our home until some leaves...
{Yeah I'm looking for my local chapter of Furniture Hoarders Anonymous...}

Until Next Time!


The Chair

This is by far my biggest and most labor intensive project to date. 
It has also been the most rewarding!
 This story starts with a chair in a barn.
{my Camp Mom's barn to be exact!}
It wasn't pretty{Or in good condition}but it was free!

Caution: This picture is not for the faint of heart!

Here's the before:
Lets pause a second to take in the full beauty of this chair:
The flaking green paint, the three layers of decaying fabric, and the innards...
Oh that musky mix of stuffing, mice nests, and possible asbestos!
(Good thing we brought our gloves and masks!)

But we knew underneath all those {toxic} layers were some great bones, lovely details and potential!

And so we began!
We stripped the chair all the way down!
Most of the paint strapped right off. We used Orange Gel to get off the stubborn spots!

Then we sanded, stained and polyurethaned the frame.
{That was the easy part...}

The webbing and springs needed to be completely removed and replaced.
 And retying the springs was probably the biggest headache {and finger-ache} of this project.
Luckily I had assistance from my CM, because it was definitely a two person job. 

Like many part of this project, tying the springs was mostly trial and error.
We consulted a furniture re-upholstery book which just stated
"Springs can be reinforced if the strings are worn in areas, however do not remove the springs. They can only be properly tied and secured by an expert upholsterer"

So needless to say we have now titled ourselves
"Expert Upholsterers!"

 We then applied the muslin...
 Foam to the seat and back...
And cover the chair in more muslin
{and fiber fill but I didn't get a picture of that...}

And then the fabric!
{And several hundred tacks!}
I bought three different fabrics before deciding on this one.
Its a Williamsburg fabric which I took as a sign because last September 
the hubby and I took our first trip to historic Williamsburg with my Camp Parents.
So it was obviously meant to be.

So time for the big reveal!

{Drum roll please!}

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!!!
It was a long project {since Memorial Day!}
But it was definitely worth every minute of work!



Hubby Cooks!

As I'm sure this blog has made clear I love to craft! However, my Hubby loves to cook! And since both our hobbies involve making something, I've decided to start featuring my Hubby's delicious creations on here as well.

As fitting for my first Hubby Cooks post, I want to blog about the first thing my hubby ever cooked for me back when we first started dating.  He combined some of my favorite foods, shrimp and mushroom, to make a spicy pasta the he cleverly calls Pasta a la Jac. He makes this dish every few weeks and because he never measures ingredients, it tastes a little different every time. 

He starts with his secret family sauce recipe.
{We've made it with jarred sauce before too for a busy week night dinner}
 Saute some secret ingredients.

Add tomato paste, wine and some other secret stuff.
 Add the secret spice mix.
Let it simmer until its all thick and combined and yummy!
 My handsome chef.
 Saute some shrimp. {my fave}
 Add veggies! {That makes it healthy!}
 I like my veggies a little crispy still.
 Add the shrimp and veggies to the sauce and let simmer for a few minutes.
 Serve over pasta. {and bread to sop of the extra sauce!}

And that's Pasta a la Jac!


Home is wherever I'm with you.

I frequent the Goodwill around the corner from me usually 2-3 times a month. I like to go in and scope out their furniture and I 'm always on the look out for interesting pieces like milk glass and the neat serving set below {for only $1.50!!}.

The handles are mermaids!

I found this tray there a few months ago for only $2. It was red with painted yellow flowers.

I spray painted it ivory but it still wasn't doing it for me so I stuck it on a shelf until I could figured out what it wanted to be!

I was off today and since I had some free time, I wanted to do some crafting! 
The tray was calling out to me and I knew what to do with it!

Here it is now!

{Bad shadows on the pictures}
I painted it in Paris Gray {to match my telephone table in the corner} 
and stenciled this cute saying on it!

Not a bad way to spend a day off!


The Furniture Gods

Two weeks ago I went back home to PA to celebrate one of my mom's and my favorite holidays- Community Yard Sale Day! {Yayyyy}

I got some great finds- several milk glass vases and bowls, a pair of antique crocheted pillow cases, a mail sorter, some picture frames, and this:

We took a break from our morning of yard sale-ing to grab pit beef sandwiches at the local fire hall for lunch. While at my parents for lunch I was admiring their telephone table which they had had for years. I think it came from my grandmother's house.
 And I must have said the magic words- "I want to find a table like that!"

Because the Furniture Gods answered my prayers!

At our last yard sale of the day, I spied this beauty. It was covered with mauve velvet fabric and had a loose leg but I saw its inner beauty. So with a little bargaining {and some serious manipulating to get it into the car} this little beauty came home with me!

I broke out my beloved chalk paint and got a much needed lesson on recovered chair seats from my Camp Mom and here's my charming little telephone table now!

I painted it with Old White first and then Paris Gray so all the fabulous little details would pop once I distressed it. 

How adorable did it turn out??


Our DIY Wedding!

So I know it has been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I last blogged! And there's no excuse for it!

Life is back to normal post-wedding. I wish I could say it's settled down and routine but that would be a lie. The hubby and I have both been busy with new jobs and grad school for him. And I have been trying to find time for some crafting and blogging. I do have a few projects I'm working on at the moment. 

However, I have several projects saved up from before the wedding that I was waiting to share.  I was really happy with how everything came together. I received so many compliments on my DIY projects!

Here's a few things I was saving up!

 I didn't get a great picture of my finished keyboards and keys. 
We should be getting our wedding pictures any day now and I hope there are 
some good pictures of all the little details I worked so hard on.
 I wanted to do something really fun and unique for our guestbook so I when I saw a similar fingerprint tree on Etsy I knew I could make one!
 I love the way it turned out! Now I just need to find somewhere to hang it!
 We finished making our wedding programs the day before the wedding. 
Have you ever been working on a project and feel like everything possible was going?
That was these programs! I couldn't get them lined up right. Then the printer wouldn't work. Then we ran out of ink. Then we couldn't get the booklets punched at the top. Then we ran out of hemp.
So to say the least, they took several late nights of work {and recruited help} to get them finished!
 I made this banner, along with a 'Thank You' banner, to be used in our pictures. 
I love the way it looks hanging in our bedroom. 
{I'm not sure how I'm going to re-purpose the 'Thank You' banner though...}
 This was absolutely one of my favorite projects!
 Our ring bearer book! I made the book safe and my Camp Mom made the {GORGEOUS} pillow!
 I love love love how vintage-y and perfect it turned out.

Quick side story: I did have to use costume rings on the big day because our ring bearer seemed a little distracted during the rehearsal and with the way he was carrying the book and running all over the place I was afraid the rings wouldn't make it to the alter! 
{He did just fine on the big day though!
 He even stepped up and saved the day when the flower girl got cold feet!}
I made these Mr. and Mrs. signs at 11am the morning of the wedding. 
They were a quick last minute detail that I almost didn't have time to make! 
This is proof that even the smallest and easiest projects can really help make the day special.

I'll share more pictures when we get them. 
Here's the link to our wedding feature on our photographer's website: 

Featured Wedding- Jacalynn + Michael